Ten Helpful Tips To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Did you know that Nona’s Auto Center in Turlock, California, is one of the very few certified hybrid service and repair centers in the Central Valley? It’s true! When we started our business in 1979, our family business had a dream. We love cars and we have made it our personal goal to always stay on top of the ever-evolving automotive technology. We remember when cars were much simpler machines and didn’t have computers running inside them. Today, our modern vehicles typically have more than 100 computers, and it operates like a computer network on four wheels! Over the past 41 years, we have certainly seen a big evolution of automotive technology. When hybrid vehicles were introduced to the marketplace, we jumped on the opportunity to learn everything we could about hybrid technology. We attended classes, sent our technicians through certification programs, studied how to recondition hybrid batteries, and so on. While most independent auto repair shops shy away fr ... read more