Time to Check Your Tires

Photo byFrank Albrecht onUnsplash


Summer Is Just Around The Corner; Time To Check Your Tires!

As we say goodbye to the bitter sting of the winter months and the cold, wet, and muddy roads leave us behind for a time, now is a good time to look to the health of your tires. How did your tires do with all the rough and cold conditions? Summertime is almost here, which means road trips, lake days, and day trips to Yosemite.


Nothing puts a stop to the family fun like a flat tire, or worse, a blowout! There is a difference, btw. A flat tire results from slow tire-pressure loss over a given period of time, leading to your tire looking deflated. On the other hand, a blowout is a sudden explosive moment where your tire actually bursts.


Why Do I Need To Check My Tires?

Both situations are dangerous! You check your tires to avoid one of these potentially dangerous situations.


Flat Tires - are dangerous to drive on and can cause damage to your tire rim and housing. Your tire loses pressure, and with that, the ability to provide structural integrity to the rim and housing. Drive on a flat tire too long, and you'll have to replace the whole wheel!


Blowouts - can lead to extremely dangerous situations where you lose control of your vehicle. You can end up in a collision, accident, or worse. Beyond that, they instantly cause damage to your rim and wheel, and you can be assured that you will likely have to replace both.


When Should I Check My Tires?

We recommend checking your tires as often as you remember; it only takes a minute or two! That being said, it would be an excellent idea to set an alarm on your phone, we suggest at least every three months. Search your tires for punctures, pressure loss, nails, screws, rocks embedded in the grooves, and cracks. Any of these can lead to a flat or a blowout. Also, consider the general condition of your tire tread; if it looks smooth (like it won't grip the ground), time to consider new tires!


Keep the family fun going this summer and avoid troublesome tire problems. Take a moment to prepare yourself for the warmer months ahead and give your tires a good once-over. The best way to handle this is to find an auto repair center that you can trust with the task.

Don't hesitate to bring your vehicle to Nona's Auto Center in Turlock, Ca, when you need help with your tires. We've been a fixture of the community for decades and would love the opportunity to serve you and your family. Visit our website to schedule an appointment with us today. Also, don't forget to add us on Facebook; see you soon!