10 Sensible Gifts for Drivers

 Image by Brock Wegner from Unsplash


With the holiday season in a full rush, it isn't too late to find the perfect gifts for the drivers in your family. Now is a great time to consider some sensible gifts for the newer drivers out there, too! Many of our loved ones will take to the roads for the first time during the holiday season, especially if they got that new car they were dreaming of for Christmas. 


Fledgling drivers often forget some of the important things to have in your vehicle. Let's help them get started before they hit the road; check out this list of 10 sensible gifts for drivers and consider what they might need to get started!


  1. Trunk Organizer - This might seem a bit silly, but it is so nice to have everything in its spot when you need to find something! Furthermore, they make lined organizers; to protect from grocery spills on your way home from the store.

  2. Physical GPS - Nowadays, most of us use our phones as our GPS, but if you know a driver that likes to go off the beaten path or simply wants an even more accurate experience, you can't go wrong with a physical GPS. Garmin makes the gold standard GPSs out there; we suggest their products.

  3. Jumper Cables - This is an item that every sensible driver should have in their vehicle, and it makes a great gift for new drivers especially! Consider it the chance to teach them how to use jumper cables and why they need them.

  4. Toolset - Often overlooked, a small toolset can get you out of a jam quickly. Maybe you need to tighten down a battery terminal and get moving; a small & simple toolset will get the job done.

  5. Car Seat Gap Filler - The perfect gift for the driver that can't stop dropping things down the side of their seat. You insert the gap filler in the space between your seat and the center console, and voila, no more lost cell phones!

  6. Winter Gloves - It can get cold on a winter road trip, and having a nice set of gloves in the car will make driving all the more comfortable.

  7. Backseat Organizer - Similar to the trunk organizer, but these sling over the back of the car seats and allow you to store/organize items that way. Great for road trips.

  8. Car Neck Pillow - Nothing says comfort like a supportive neck pillow during those long holiday drives. Neck pillows are very affordable, and they come in handy when you least expect them to.

  9. First-Aid Kit - Another excellent gift for new drivers and experienced drivers alike. You never know when a small cut or potential emergency will derail your trip. A simple first-aid kit will keep a small problem from turning into a big situation.

  10. Spotify Subscription - Make any driver's day by buying them a subscription to Spotify. Spotify offers countless options, including music, podcasts, and more!


Somewhere in this list is the perfect small gift for the sensible driver in your life. Consider the basics for the new drivers in your life and maybe find something a little more outside the box for those who already have the ground-level covered. Beyond that, find a trustworthy auto repair center that you can share when discussions turn toward reliable service and repair.

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