Dirt, Dust, & Debris in the Central Valley

Photo byRinald Rolle onUnsplash

Why You Need To Change Your Vehicle's Filters

As we know, the California Central Valley is home to some of the world's best produce! While we absolutely love the access to world-class fruits and vegetables, there is a downside when it comes to living amongst the farms. Dirt, dust, and debris can be an issue, especially in the hotter months when the sun dries out the surrounding agricultural fields and the wind picks up. Beyond that, the California Central Valley is home to a unique amount of pollen, which presents a problem for our vehicle filters; the recent wildfires haven't helped, either.

Our vehicles have to filter out all of the debris to keep their vital components functioning at an optimal level. In a worst-case scenario, not replacing your filters can lead to your vehicle meeting an early end. Dirty oil at the wrong viscosity, fuel that doesn't combust correctly, and filthy air introducing debris into your engine can all spell disaster for your beloved vehicle.

Wait, How Many Filters Does My Vehicle Have?

You might be surprised to find out that your vehicle doesn't just have an oil filter. In fact, your vehicle has several filters, all of which do their part to keep bad things out of your vehicle. Your filters perform different functions; some filter the physical air from the outside environment & some filter the fluids we introduce to our vehicles. All of your filters are important, and you want to stay on top of them to maintain the best vehicle possible.

Your Vehicle Has Four Primary Filters

  • Engine Air Filter - Filters the air from the outside environment going directly to your engine components.

  • Oil Filter - Filters particulate matter from your oil and helps maintain your oil viscosity over time.

  • Cabin Air Filter - Filter the air that gets introduced into the cabin of your vehicle, helping you breathe a healthier ride.

  • Fuel Filter - Filters dirt and debris from your fuel system, helping fuel combustion and providing a cleaner burn to your ride.

Pay attention to these primary vehicle filters, and your vehicle will thank you in the long run! Not only will you keep it healthier over a sustained period of time, but you will breathe in cleaner cabin air due to maintaining your cabin air filter, something that is so important in the pollen-laden air of the California Central Valley.

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