Why You Should Wash A Car You're Not Driving

Photo by Stan Madoré from Pixabay

Welcome to the May blog! It’s an excellent time to get back on the highway and have an adventure or two if you’re not held up by work or life events. Sadly, many of us are quite busy this Spring and haven’t had much of an opportunity to get out.

If you haven’t been driving your car much since the pandemic began, you’ll probably know there are many things you still need to do to maintain your vehicle and keep it road-safe, like recharge the battery, and checking the tire PSI. Did you know one of these things is cleaning your car? We see so many dust and pollen cars that sit like traps for the moment when their owners need them to perform in an emergency. 

Keeping your car clean is essential for many reasons. Here’s our top three reasons why you should wash and clean a vehicle that you aren’t currently driving:

  1. Contaminants are everywhere. You’re more likely to pick up months of pollen and dust than COVID-19 on your car, but that’s reason enough to wash it-- pollen and dust will get into the engine and shorten the lifespan of your fluid systems.

  2. A Clean Car is a Loved Car. When it comes time to drive this rooted car, you will want it to be a positive machine, not a source of embarrassment. And it will in turn make you a safer driver, because you will treat a car more gently if you happen to feel the affection that comes with being in a spotless vehicle you own. It’s essential to take some pride in your car because that’s when you make sure to protect it as you drive around Turlock.

  3. Attention to detail can save you money. If you spend the time to wash your car and vacuum your engine once a month, you will be more likely to notice sudden changes in your engine condition. Corrosion on the battery will be easier to spot, as will cracked hoses and belts. Neglected, these things can leave you stranded or cause damage to your car’s other systems.

It’s important to give all of our cars some love and attention now and then, even if we’re not driving them much. Let us show your car the attention to detail it needs. Schedule an inspection with us today. Nona’s Auto Center is at 1565 W. Tuolumne Road, Turlock, CA 95382. Here at Nona’s Auto Center, we love cars, and we’ll treat your vehicle just as if it were our own.