What’s News With Hybrid Automotive Technology?

The next wave of automotive innovation undeniably rests on the shoulders of electrical and hybrid technology. Advances in battery technology design and manufacturing are leading to a world with more accessible, longer-lasting, and higher-powered batteries available for hybrid vehicles. For hybrid owners, these new designs will mean reduced charging times, fewer battery failures, and longer-lasting charges than have ever been previously achieved. Newly available battery materials also aim to make green vehicles even more eco-friendly with great advances in battery recycling to comply with upcoming battery material recycling regulations.

As this new area of automotive technology grows, the number of hybrid vehicles on the road does too. While hybrids are becoming more and more popular, many mechanics shy away from working on them due to their specialized maintenance and repair needs. This is why car owners should be choosy when selecting an auto repair shop to work on their hybrids.

Because of the immense differences in how hybrid and non-hybrid engine and battery systems operate, your auto mechanic will need to be up-to-date on performing a variety of hybrid-specific maintenance. Additionally, they will need to be comfortable servicing hybrid-specific drive trains, electrical and braking systems, and undergo the appropriate training required to service each specialized area of your vehicle.

Enter: Nona’s Auto Center!  The pros at Nona’s Auto Center are highly experienced in working on hybrids and hold a hybrid servicing certification to back up their work. Besides their hybrid certification, the skilled auto mechanics at Nona’s Auto Center excel at diagnostics. They’ll pinpoint your vehicle’s problem areas with speed and accuracy without forcing you to break the bank. In addition to their terrific service and affordable pricing, the pros at Nona’s also offer battery reconditioning services. New hybrid batteries can cost up to $3,000, so battery reconditioning is a great option for those looking to keep their maintenance costs low.

To schedule an appointment for your hybrid maintenance needs, call (209) 632-2044. Nona’s Auto Center is conveniently located at 1565 W. Tuolumne Road, Turlock, CA 95382. Together, we can make the world a better place, one auto repair at a time.