Turlock Drivers + Central Valley = A Love For Trucks


A Love for Trucks


If you are looking for a truck for work or for recreation, we think light-duty trucks are on point. A ½ ton truck can readily handle a load of dirt or rock for your project or for play and is all you will really need for your go-anywhere, get-any-job-done attitude.


We love our trucks for their bed, cab, accessibility and towing capacity. Here are a few more reasons why each of these truck features is so great.


Truck beds are a brilliant design lending itself to haul or move serious equipment, motorcycles, trash, mulch, appliances, tools and equipment and more. Unlike an SUV, trucks are up to every task. The sizes of truck beds vary depending on your needs. If you want a 4-door truck, a full-size bed which is 8 feet reduces to 5 or 6 feet depending on the configuration.


Cab size options are plentiful. Regular cabs, which are harder to find these days are the least expensive. Extended cabs are very useful; however, the jump-style seats can be cramped for some adults to use, although are most useful for their interior storage capacity.  Crew-cab trucks have 4 doors with a seating/cargo area that is quite comfortable, however, the compromise is a smaller cargo bed.


Mobility is important to factor when choosing a truck. 4-wheel drive trucks ride higher and can require running boards to climb in. 4-wheel drive trucks often also have higher side rails, making access to the truck bed more challenging for some. Many 4-wheel drive trucks offer folding steps in the bumper or running boards that retract to help reduce discomfort. Standard 2-wheel drive trucks tend to sit lower and offer easier access when climbing in and out of the cab and provide easier access when loading the bed. Be sure to climb in and test out the legroom, comfort for your knees in all the seats, how easy it is to fold up the seats and ensure you have proper headroom.


Towing capacity varies greatly depending on engine size, heavier frames, stronger suspension and brakes for stopping with increased weight. Some ½ tons are rated upward of 12,500 pounds! An average compact truck can tow 3-7,000 pounds where a full-sized truck can tow between 5-10,000 pounds. We do not recommend, however, towing with the max weight capacity. It is important to remember that although tempting it is important to resist the urge to over-do towing capacity and extra cargo space when evaluating the use and your needs with a truck. Fuel economy, ride quality, performance, maneuverability, comfort, safety, and reliability are often more valuable features that are offered in smaller lighter duty trucks.


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