How Your Car Shows YOU the Love!

Welcome to another February! We're gearing up for Super Bowl LV in one week, and then the week after, it's Valentine's Day again in Turlock! We challenge you to bring your romantic A-game, and show the people in your life how much you care.

We rarely acknowledge it, but our cars show us a great deal of love. They sit quietly, waiting for us to need them, and when we do, they really do come through. In the past year, we've leaned on them to protect us from exposure to the pandemic, and even when we hopped in our cars in a hurry and rushed off before the engine could lubricate properly, our vehicles still keep faith with us.

Most people understand the importance of looking after your car. The love they put into their car is the love they get back. They don't have to question whether or not their car will pull through in a crisis because they have taken the necessary steps to ensure the best possible performance already from their vehicle.

But for some, they never knew the importance of looking after your car. They learned to rely on it and took it for granted. And so, when their vehicle begins to fail, they think of it as disloyal somehow. When in reality, cars can only give back what we put into them. How we operate our cars matters. How we address our car's needs matters. How we attend to their noises and ticks matters. 

At Nona's Auto Center, we want to remind you to put your best foot forward when you drive and give love back to your car. Give your vehicle time to warm up before you operate it. Make sure it has the fluids it needs and gets the manufacturer's scheduled maintenance. 

And if you sense that something is off when you drive your car, please schedule an appointment with us. Nona's Auto Center is at 1565 W. Tuolumne Road, Turlock, CA 95382. Make your appointment today! Here at Nona's Auto Center, we love cars, and we'll treat your vehicle just as if it were our own.