Camping for the New Camper

Image by Lawton Cook from Unsplash


Eager to enjoy your new camper at the campgrounds? Are you ready to learn some tips that will make you feel confident about using your new recreational vehicle? 


Here are some tips that will help you have the best experience camping with your new camper! 


Packing tips: Pack everything in totes and bins to be stored underneath the camper, but try not to overpack. Also, make sure to pack a toolbox with a trim level to avoid any uncomfortable sleeping.


Before heading out: Park the camper outside your house for two days before you leave so you can turn on the fridge and pack up. Check to make sure that everything is in working order and that you have a full tank of gas before leaving.


Towing tips: Practice pulling and backing in the camper and checking how much weight your truck can tow. Add a sway bar or install suspension airbags to safely tow your trailer and drive carefully on mountain roads to avoid tipping over your vehicle.


Campsite tips: Park your trailer on flat ground to avoid damaging anything, unhook the vehicle, and put the stabilizers down. Also, be sure to keep your power usage to a minimum and don’t overdo it.


These tips will have you feeling ready to take your new camper for a spin. But don’t forget that Nona’s Auto Center does it all. We will help you get your RV ready for the road. Make an appointment with us now!