Best Parts, Best People: How OEM parts and ASE certified technicians give us the edge!

Welcome to 2021, we hope your holidays have been wonderful and joyful. As we return to our shop, the signs that greet us remind us of the lingo and terminology we use at the store, some of which might be a touch confusing.

Have you often seen or heard terms bandied about in a service shop and wondered, “What does that mean?”, but smiled and nodded along? In this month’s blog, we’re exploring the meaning of ASE certification, OEM parts, and the importance of both to you, our customer.

ASE is an acronym for an organization, the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence. It’s the accreditation authority for the United States in auto repairs. Not every mechanic has this certification. Many beginning mechanics start out working under the direct supervision of a ASE-certified technician. As they grow, learn the trade, and seek acceptance, they may become accredited as an ASE-certified technician themselves. (Our technicians are certified.) This is important, because you don’t want the person working on your car to be inexperienced and untested before in what to do to repair your automobile. 

OEM is a different matter: it refers not to an organization, but to using only the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Having OEM parts means having the same parts that were first calibrated for the engine of the car in question, to those original specifications, instead of something designed to clone the effect for less money. Your car is a very complex system of working parts; we only use the parts that we know are designed to fit perfectly in your engine.

Giving our best to you is what we’re about at Nona’s Auto Center. We always hire ASE-certified mechanics, and we always use OEM parts-- no substitutes. If you have auto repair needs, please schedule an appointment with us. Nona’s Auto Center is at 1565 W. Tuolumne Road, Turlock, CA 95382. Make your appointment today! Here at Nona’s Auto Center, we love cars, and we’ll treat your car just as if it were our own.