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Ten Things Every College Student Should Know About Cars

means there are likely many dangers that life experience has not yet taught them, and that they will be underprepared. Time for a refresher course in the top ten things EVERY student should know about—tailored towards what a California State University student in Turlock should know! 10. The full function of the vehicle. A student preparing to leave home should know what every dial and lever on their dashboard does, and what to do about most of the warning lights and messages that they will receive. Knowing how to set the windshield wipers for any condition of rain is important, as well as how your headlights should be set up. Students should know about all the things that need replacing and the importance of paying attention to the manufacturer’s scheduled repairs. In the Turlock area, dust and pollen is the price we pay for a beautiful valley, and it’s wise to get these replaced at a minimum of once a year. 9. How to drive stick (manual). While many prefer to driv ... read more