April Showers are Here... How are your Wipers?

Welcome to April’s blog! Here’s hoping you and the whole family have had a safe, productive, and prosperous first quarter of 2021. 

With Spring Rains coming, and May flowers sure to pass on pollen, and potential fires in the fall bringing ash down on our windscreens, it might be a good time to check on the health of our windshield wipers. We’re needing them more and more as Spring turns to Summer!

Here are some tips about checking the road fitness of your wipers:

Try cleaning them first. Perhaps with a little rubbing alcohol (a hand wipe would be idea-- remember that your wipers clean bird guano off your windshield most days) and cleaning your windshield to make certain there are no small objects or spots of tree sap getting in the path of your windshield as it goes. Alittle bit of elbow grease on older blades can be all you need for the immediate future.
View them up close. If you see a lot of cracking in the rubber of the wiper, it’s time to replace them. 
Listen to them make their journey across your windshield. Quiet and smooth blades are good. Loud and rough blades need to be replaced.
Choose Exact Fit Wipers over a bargain. Look for “Exact Fit” blades to make the change easy and precise. It’s simply a matter of releasing a catch and then snapping the new blade into place to replace the old blades with new ones.

Be sure to check out GoBeats Science’s guide to checking and replacing your wiper blades!

If you’re too busy to check your wipers yourself, you can always count on Nona’s to handle your needs. Schedule an appointment with us. Nona's Auto Center is at 1565 W. Tuolumne Road, Turlock, CA 95382. Make your appointment today! Here at Nona's Auto Center, we love cars, and we'll treat your vehicle just as if it were our own.