5 Ways To Protect Your Vehicle Through The End Of Winter

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Protecting Your Vehicle Against The California Central Valley Winters

Winter can be a tough season for vehicles in the California Central Valley. From surprise rainfall, muddy roads, dense foggy conditions, black ice, and more – it's essential to ensure your vehicle is protected during this time of year. In this post, we will cover five tips for protecting your vehicle against harsh winter weather. 

1. Keep It Clean

Regularly cleaning your car can help protect its finish from dirt, grime, and other elements that can build up over time. This includes washing it regularly, waxing when necessary, and vacuuming the interior to remove dirt and debris. Remember the windows! Make sure you clean them regularly to keep them clear and free of streaks to have optimal visibility when driving in conditions like Tule fog & surprise rain. 

2. Check The Tires

Tire pressure can drop significantly during colder months, so it's important to check them regularly throughout winter and ensure you inflate them before hitting the road. This is especially important if you live in an area with heavy snow or icy roads since proper tire pressure helps increase traction, which keeps you safe while driving during inclement weather. Additionally, if you're planning a road trip during winter, check your tires beforehand to ensure they are in good condition and ready for long drives. 

3. Check Your Battery

Cold temperatures cause batteries to lose their charge quicker than usual, so it's important to have your battery tested by a professional before the cold weather sets in and periodically throughout the season to ensure it functions properly. A healthy battery will help keep your car running smoothly no matter what Mother Nature throws at it! 

4. Service Your Vehicle

Regular maintenance, such as oil changes, filter replacements, fluid top-offs, spark plug replacements, etc., are all important aspects of keeping your car running efficiently throughout the winter months, so don't forget to schedule regular service appointments with your trusted auto mechanic of choice so they can perform these tasks for you. 

5. Stock Up On Supplies

It is always good practice to have certain supplies on hand for any emergency situation while out on the road – especially during winter when conditions can change quickly and without warning!


Make sure you have items like:

  • Jumper cables
  • Extra jug of windshield wiper fluid (or water if wiper fluid isn't available)
  • Bag of kitty litter (for traction if you get stuck in snow or ice)
  • Portable air compressor (to fill flat tires quickly)
  • Blankets/sleeping bags/pillows (in case of prolonged breakdowns)
  • Flares/reflective triangles (for use if stranded on the side of road)

Wintertime can be hard on vehicles, but following these five tips will help keep yours running smoothly throughout this cold season! Be sure to follow all recommended maintenance schedules provided by manufacturers & always be prepared for unexpected surprises!


With these tips taken into consideration, we hope that you remain safe & secure while traveling through California Central Valley's unpredictable winter weather!

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